Five Rookie Running Backs That You Should Know for 2016 – Part 1

By Mike Braude - @BraudeM

Rookie running backs frequently have an impact both in the NFL and fantasy leagues: Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, and most recently Todd Gurley just to name a few. It’s common knowledge for fantasy owners that running backs are frequently injured, and this leads to increased opportunities for backups. An example of this is David Johnson last season – after injuries to Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington, he became a league winning pick. Read More »

Wide Receiver Touchdown Variance and Regression

By Asher Molk - @AsherMolk

Ahhh, touchdowns. The most exciting play in football and also to your fantasy teams. Whatever fantasy football league you play, touchdowns count (including some that ONLY count touchdowns). Since they are one of the universal stats in fantasy football, predicting them becomes vital to your drafting and overall fantasy success.

Although it is far from an exact science, there are variables we can take into account to predict those odds such as wide receiver size and red-zone targets. As fantasy football addicts, that is all we can do: trust the process!

Read More »

Five Rookie Wide Receivers To Keep An Eye On In 2016

By Mike Braude - @BraudeM

In fantasy football wide receivers have a history of struggling in their first season, but some rookies have had an immediate impact. For instance, Amari Cooper’s rookie campaign in 2015 and Odell Beckham Jr.’s league winning performance in 2014. Identifying which ones are set up for success and which ones to avoid is key to maximizing your drafting. Here are five rookie wide receivers you will want to keep an eye on in 2016. Read More »

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