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There are many reasons why Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues are the right place for you. Here are just a few:

1. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues pays an industry-leading percentage of league buy-ins back to those who finish in the top three of their league.

We believe fantasy owners that are committed to maintaining the best fantasy teams deserve to be rewarded. That is one reason why Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues pays out an industry-leading percentage of league buy-ins.

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2. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues employ a newly developed league strategy to ensure that the “best teams” get the money they deserve.

Deeper lineups, blind bidding, and two game weeks are three implementations that will help our leagues result in favorable outcomes for the best teams. We aim to minimize the element of randomness and help deserving fantasy owners win their leagues. To understand more about our league settings and how we ensure superior teams win, visit our Skill-Based Format page.

3. We use MyFantasyLeague‘s award-winning fantasy football league management system.

We are highly dedicated to being the best, most trusted fantasy football host possible. Check out MyFantasyLeague’s impressive platform on our League Preview page and see why it’s the best place to play fantasy football.

4. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues are devoted to interactive communication with our customers to receive constant feedback on what you want.

Apex continues to survey fantasy owners and writers to find out what you want in a league and we feel confident that our league setup will result in fair outcomes every week. We aim to please our customers and we rely on our customers telling us what they want in their fantasy football money leagues. All correspondence is analyzed and considered with the common goal of making Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues even better.

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