1. Why should I use Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues?

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues is dedicated to bringing you the most competitive, skill-based, and financially rewarding fantasy football experience available. Made by fantasy football fanatics for fantasy football fanatics (see our Survey Results), hundreds of hours of discussion, reasoning, and research went into each and every aspect of Apex. Not only do our settings intentionally reward the most consistent and skilled fantasy football players, we have yet to discover another website with higher payout percentages than Apex.

2. You say you have a higher “payout percentage” than other sites. What does that mean?

This means our website takes the smallest “cut” of the league entry fees. Some websites take as high as 25-50% of the league entry fees, leaving a much smaller percentage for the hard-working winners of their fantasy leagues.

Let’s take a $275 buy-in, 12 team league to use as an example. If a website has only a 65% payout percentage, then the website keeps a whopping 35% of the entry fees for themselves. Thus, only $2,145 could be split amongst the winners, and the website would keep a staggering $1,155 for themselves. Here at Apex, an industry-leading 85% of the league entry fees go to the winners (in all our league prices above $125). This would translate to $2,805 out of the possible $3,300 being available to win. Put simply, you get more bang for your buck here at Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues.

3. How can I pay?

At this time, customers can only pay using PayPal. Our system uses a safe payment process that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to provide the most secure payment security available.

4. What do you mean by “two game weeks”?

At Apex, every team plays two games that count toward the league standings during each week of the regular season. One of the games is played against a random owner in the league (like a typical fantasy league). The second game is played against the average league score for that week. This is designed to eliminate the randomness of the head-to-head schedule.

How many times have you scored the second or third most points in week, only to be unfortunately playing the team who scored the most points that week? Under our system, you would still salvage one victory, and finish 1-1 for the week. How many times has a team scored 30 points less than you, only to be rewarded with a win because they were playing the lowest scoring team that week? At Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, that low scoring team would still be punished with a loss against the average, and finish 1-1.

This sort of randomness is the main element we attempt to combat here at Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues. Our system tempers the random effect of the league schedule while rewarding consistently high-scoring teams and keeping the thrill of playing against a single opponent. For a deeper, more comprehensive example, see our Skill-Based Format page.

5. I’ve signed up and paid for an Apex league. Now what?

You will be receiving a MyFantasyLeague invitation shortly. If you do not already have one, create a MyFantasyLeague account. All Apex leagues are played on a customized MyFantasyLeague.com platform. The confirmation email you receive after signing up has all this information as well. The draft order for the league will be randomized as soon as the league is full.

6. Is there a “commissioner” of each Apex Fantasy Football Money League?

Yes there is. For each and every league, there will be a Apex employee who monitors and assists with the draft for the first two rounds. Thereafter we will update the message board, push through trades, consider complaints about trades, and make sure each and every owner is actively participating and setting their lineup. If there are any problems within your league or any trades you disagree with, be sure to email us at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com.

7. Can trades be vetoed?

Yes they can. If two or more owners contact the league commissioner to complain about a trade, the commissioner will review the trade and decide whether to allow or veto the transaction. In cases of obvious collusion between owners (two or more owners trying to form a “superteam”), the trade will be vetoed and the owners may be subject to disciplinary action.

8. In what states can I play in Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues?

Players from any state are free to sign up and win prizes except those residing in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Virginia, or Washington State. Although we would love to have their residents, these states have online gaming laws that restrict residents from playing in fantasy leagues online.

9. What are the tax implications of winning?

Winnings of more than $600 must be reported by Apex to the IRS, regardless of the entry fees paid. Your winnings will be reported with a 1099-MISC form and Apex will need your Social Security Number (SSN). Consult a tax specialist to discuss the possibility of writing off your entry fees against your winnings.

While U.S. residents will not have any money withheld from their winnings (assuming they supply their SSN), non-U.S. residents are subject to a 30% withholding. Non-U.S. residents can file a U.S. tax return and recover some or all of the withholdings.

10. Where can I go to make suggestions?

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues actively encourages feedback and suggestions from customers as to how we can make our website an even better fantasy football experience for you. Please contact us on Twitter, or email us directly at apexfantasyfootballeagues@gmail.com.

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