Apex’s first ever official Dynasty Rookie Rankings & Draft Guide is set to be released by tomorrow! The guide will not only contain multiple sets of detailed rankings, composite rankings, a “how-to” guide on evaluating prospects and combined 2020 and 2021 tiered rookie rankings, but it will also include detailed film study by yours truly!

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While we are mainly an analytics-based site, studying film can help contextualize data. Is a player’s 40-time reflected in their “game speed”? How good or bad was their supporting cast and competition? What kind of system did they play in? Most importantly, film study can help shine a light on where specifically each player wins (and loses). This can help project players’ best team/coaching/scheme fits at the next level.

Here is a free film-study excerpt from our draft guide:

1. Kyle Pitts, Florida

Age: 20.5  Height: 6’6”  Weight: 245 lbs.


Generational talent at the position. Most dominant and athletic pass catcher at the TE position in memory, as if Lebron James went back in time and continued his career as a football player. for any defender on the field, cannot be covered man to man. Typically draws double or triple coverage and still wins. Poetry in motion.

4.44 (99th percentile for a TE) speed, and tape reflects that. Technical route runner and makes hard, precise cuts that seem impossible for a guy his size. Used all over the formation. Knows how to drop his hips and chop his feet, changes course while simultaneously preserving speed. Incredible body control for a guy his size. Has a feel for where defenders are and where holes are in coverages open up.

Ball skills are the best in the entire class, including receivers. Plays like a basketball player, goes up and high points the football like a power forward boxing out for a rebound. Constantly performs acrobatic catches. Fantastic hands, with ability to work the sideline on over-the-shoulder catches. Can make a bad QB look good and a good one look great.  


Lacks aggression and technique when blocking, better run blocker than pass blocker. Releases well from inline position and slot, but not the outside – struggles a bit against aggressive press corners. Sometimes dances around at the LOS with awkward shuffle-step and hop, can waste his first few steps.

Fantasy Football Slant

Kyle Pitts is my 1.01 in 1QB leagues and the 1.03 in 2QB/Superflex. That’s how certain I am of his success at the next level, even in his rookie year – a rarity for a tight end. His minor weaknesses are all fixable.

With the TE landscape the way it is, supply and demand drives up Pitts’ value even further. If you’re set at QB in Superflex formats, trade back a spot or two and grab him – you are now likely set at TE for the next five to ten years.