Auction Draft Leagues

The fantasy football league rules and scoring systems for auction draft leagues run by Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues are detailed below. These leagues allocate players via auction prior to the start of the season.

Due to MyFantasyLeague’s unpredictable auction draft software, the auction drafts themselves are held on ESPN.comThe draft results will be transferred to MyFantasyLeague shortly after the draft concludes, where the league will be played out.

Each team starts with a fictitious $200 to bid on players. The player salaries are disregarded after the auction has completed. These leagues are one year in duration.

You will receive a special email with further instructions once you sign up for an auction draft league, please read this carefully! 

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League Structure

Leagues will consist of 12 teams.

Every week during the regular season, all teams will play two games: one head-to-head game against a random opponent and one game against the league average. The league average is the average score of all 12 teams in the league. Leagues begin during the first week of the NFL season.

Every team will play every other team in the league once during the first 11 weeks of the season. Once each player has played every other team at least once, teams will play two random opponents during Weeks 12-13. At the end of the regular season, each team will have played 26 games (13 against a head-to-head opponent and 13 against the league average).

The top six teams qualify for the playoffs, with the top two teams receiving a “bye” in Week 14.

Live Auctions

Auctions will be conducted using ESPN’s software. You will receive an invitation from ESPN to draft, then the results will be transferred to MyFantasyLeague where the season will play out. Each team has a fictitious salary cap of $200. The minimum opening bid is $1 on a player. Players will be bid on one at a time. The minimum bidding increment is $1.

Each bid placed resets the bidding clock for that player to 10 seconds. The bidding for said player ends when no bid has been made for 10 seconds. We highly recommend making your bid with at least 2-3 seconds left on the clock to ensure it goes through. The next owner has 20 seconds to nominate a player – if said owner doesn’t make a nomination, the computer will nominate a player. Each team is required to have $1 in free cap space for every empty roster space.

Each owner must fill their roster with 18 players during the auction, and must draft a kicker and defense (due to ESPN’s requirements). Team owners cannot cut players during the auction. Players cannot be traded during the auction. The auction concludes when all teams have filled their rosters.  After the conclusion of the auction, the salary cap is no longer in effect.

Email (Slow) Auctions

These auctions are different from Live Auctions and are hosted on MyFantasyLeague. You will still have $200 to spend on players, the minimum opening bid is $1, and bidding is in increments of $1.

It’s proxy bidding, meaning that you may place your sealed maximum bid and the software will bid for you, up to your maximum. You are bidding on multiple players simultaneously.

You are expected to nominate exactly two players per day. This cannot be enforced by the software but will be enforced by the commissioner if a violation is reported. MFL auctions are self-regulated, so if there’s no complaint, there’s no violation. Your two nominations may be at any time during the day.

Dropping players in the middle of an email auction is against the rules, even though the software permits it. Again, MFL auctions are self-regulated, so if you notice an owner dropping players during an auction, please notify us and we will restore the player to his or her roster.

Each player auction has a 24-hour clock. You may bid on multiple players simultaneously. Each time the high bidder on a player changes, the 24-hour clock resets for that player. Note that merely increasing your maximum bid, if you are already the high bidder, does not restart the clock.

You must fill your roster during the auction, so as you bid, you must preserve at least $1 for each remaining roster spot. You may not place a bid on a player if it might result in overspending your budget. This limit will be enforced by the software. In other words, the sum of your active bids, plus money already spent on players, plus $1 set aside to fill each remaining roster spot, can never exceed $200. Therefore, you must choose which players to bid on and allocate your money appropriately so that your bids are at all times legal.

The auction ends when all rosters are full.


Standings will be sorted by winning percentage. If there is a tie between two teams in the standings, the team with more total points scored will receive the higher seeding. If there is still a tie, the team with more total points against receives the higher seed. The top six teams will make the playoffs.

The first round of the playoffs is Week 14. During this round, the top two teams receive a playoff bye. The 3rd seed will face the 6th seed, and the 4th and 5th seeds will face each other.

In the second round of the playoffs (Week 15), the 1st seed will play the winner of the 4th and 5th seed game and the 2nd seed will play the winner of the 3rd and 6th seed game.

In Week 16, the second round winners play in the league championship. The second round losers play in a 3rd place game.

If a playoff game ends in a tie – the team that scored more points over the course of the season will break the tie. If this takes place after the first week of the playoffs, the tiebreaker will be the higher combined points per game from the regular season and the playoffs.

Free Agents

All Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues use a “blind bidding” free agent acquisition system. To start the season, all owners will receive $500 in fictitious bidding money for the entire season.

The blind bidding waivers run from Tuesday at 8 am EST to Wednesday at 10:15 pm EST. To pick up a player during waivers, owners must bid a minimum of $1.

The team with the highest bid will receive the player, for the amount they bid. Other teams will not be able to view your bid (hence the term “blind bidding”).

Players who were dropped during the bidding process will not be available for acquisition until the next blind bidding period. The earliest bid wins a tie-bid situation. The bids will be ordered by bid amount.

Once all the bids are processed, the “first-come-first-serve” waiver period starts on Wednesday at 10:15 pm EST and runs until 1 pm EST on Sunday. The first-come-first-serve waiver system is a standard continuous waiver system.

These pickups do not cost any bidding dollars. If your team roster is full, you must drop a player to acquire a player. Your roster may not exceed 18 players. Players that are picked up are available immediately to play and to be traded. Any bid that includes a dropped player must keep said dropped player to complete bidding transaction. The blind bidding system does what it is instructed to do. Bidding tiebreakers are determined by which team has a lower winning percentage.

We understand that owners accidentally drop the wrong player occasionally. When this happens, send us an email as soon as possible at and we will investigate and attempt to correct the error. We must be notified before the player is picked up through blind bidding. If the player has been awarded to a team through blind bidding, it is final and irreversible.

Owners cannot use adding players as a weapon. If an owner in your league is adding players and dropping them so they are locked, send us an email as soon as possible at and we will investigate and attempt to correct the situation. Apex will unlock players that are added and dropped within four hours to prevent other players from adding them.

Dropped players are locked – the exception is players who are picked up and dropped in the same week. This rule is to prevent “churning”: the tactic of picking up and then dropping multiple players simply to keep other teams from obtaining them. The point of the waivers process is to allow each team an equal chance to obtain unowned players. MyFantasyLeague software does not accommodate to allow players who were added and dropped during the same week to be automatically unlocked. However, if you discover such a player and wish to pick him up, our rules do allow this, so just contact us and we will make him available as a free agent.

Blind bidding waivers will process on Wednesday at 10:15 pm EST after the completion of the draft and “first-come-first-serve” waivers will follow. This same schedule will continue throughout the season. Refer to your league calendar for exact dates.

If a team has no future games scheduled, they are not allowed to make any roster moves.


There is no limit to the number of trades a team can make in a given week or throughout the season. Both teams must approve the terms of the trade for it to be confirmed. Once confirmed, the trade is automatically processed. Once completed, trade results will be posted on the league website and a transaction record will be listed. The team rosters will also be automatically updated. Trades must be completed and confirmed by both sides by 5 pm EST on Saturday each week. Trading will start 3 hours after the draft begins and continue until the start of Week 8 of the NFL regular season.

Trades will be monitored for collusion and unfair trades will not be tolerated. If two owners notify Apex of their objection to a specific trade, the trade will be evaluated for fairness in accordance with the procedures set forth below.

You have twenty four (24) hours after a trade is accepted to request a review, and the sooner you make your request, the more time will remain in the 24-hour review period for voting results to be collected. You are allowed five review requests per year, and trades which are overturned during the review process do not count against your limit of five. Your identity as the requester will remain anonymous. All objections to trades must be made by 10 pm ET on Saturday night.

If you would like to request a review of a trade, please send us an email as soon as possible at

Remember, it is not your job to simply block trades you would not do yourself – every owner reserves the right to attempt risk and manage their team as they see fit as long as it does not threaten the integrity of the league. As a league member involved in reviewing trades, your only job is to recognize potential collusion or to call attention to trades that are so extremely imbalanced that they threaten the integrity of the league. Pay special attention to trades that do not seem to offer benefits to both sides.

The traders are allowed to request reviews their own trade, but only in the event that offering or accepting the trade was accidental. It does happen, and the trade will be judged by the fairness of the trade but do be sure to accompany your request with a convincing explanation of what happened.

If a review is requested, several emails are sent out:

  • The trading partners are notified that their trade is under review.
  • All other members of the league are requested to provide their input on the trade with a simple yes or no vote. When voting “no,” you’re asked which side is favored.
  • A random jury of ten peers from similar leagues are also emailed, requesting their vote as well.

The voting process lasts up to 24 hours after the trade review is requested but oftentimes, the decision will be made sooner. We recommend casting your vote in the trade review as soon as possible. Once the votes have been accrued, the commissioner will make a determination based on the votes.

The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade for any reason, but the decision to veto usually means all of the following requirements are met:

  • Are there at least three votes against the trade within the league (including the requester)?
  • Do the “no” votes exceed the “yes” votes within the league, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • Do the “no” votes exceed the “yes” votes from the impartial trade jury, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • The commissioner will use a trade calculator to evaluate a trade in the event of a tied vote.

If the trade is overturned, players and/or picks are restored to their original teams immediately.

Apex allows trading during dynasty startup drafts, and this feature requires a little more cooperation from owners. If a review occurs during your startup draft, we request that patience is used when selecting picks that are involved in the trade. Backing up the draft to accommodate a reversed trade is seldom appreciated. If your pick comes due while your trade is under review, and you select a player, it may be reversed by the commissioner once the trade review is resolved.

Refund Policy

If Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues is unable to fill a league within 30 minutes after the draft start time, we guarantee each owner a reserved spot to another draft of the same price OR a full refund. Despite this warning, Apex hopes to avoid all inconveniences for owners by having leagues filled before the listed draft time.


Absent collusion, Apex will not retroactively adjust lineups. It is the exclusive responsibility of the owner to set his or her lineup. Owners with difficulty setting lineups can notify Apex at and have their lineups set accordingly.

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues will run abandoned teams. They are not eligible to win prize money but will have set lineups and function like any other team. Apex-run teams do not make trades but players will be picked up in order to maintain a full and active roster.

Conduct that is detrimental to the league or to Apex Fantasy Football will not be tolerated. This includes any harassment in the form of a post or email that serves no purpose other than to cause dissonance within the league or the Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues. Any personal attacks toward fellow owners or the commissioner or vulgarity in emails or on the message board will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with league sportsmanship rules may result in immediate expulsion without refund. This also applies to owners failing to set their lineups – it is unfair for owners to receive free wins because other owners forget or choose not to set lineups or pick up free agents as necessary. Attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league will also result in immediate expulsion without refund from Apex. Examples include threatening or outright refusal to submit lineups, partaking in bogus trades, disruption of a live draft, etc. Apex also reserves the right to set your lineup for you if by our judgment you are intentionally trying to lose. These rules are simply meant to make Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues as friendly, honest, and competitive as possible.

Apex does not take responsibility for utilization of third-party applications and strongly urges owners to use for all aspects of team management.

All prizes won are paid at the end of the season. After the completion of the playoffs, winners will have the prizes deposited into their Apex accounts. We take pride in paying owners promptly. Owners will be paid within a week of winning their league.

Position Eligibility: The position of a player is defined by his NFL team’s depth chart.

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues are neither affiliated, endorsed, or licensed by the NFL or NFLPA.

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