Skill-Based Fantasy Football Format

How Do Apex’s Rules Help The Best Owners Win Cash Prizes?

As a fantasy league provider Apex aims to accomplish two goals:

  1. Host fantasy leagues that owners love
  2. Reduce the randomness of fantasy football to make it a game of skill that rewards the best fantasy owners

This is the question we ask ourselves every day at Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues. We run Apex to satisfy two needs that were not being met by existing public money leagues: the customer’s preference for fantasy leagues, and settings that result in the best and most consistent teams emerging victorious.

We gave our customers the voice they deserved by creating a comprehensive fantasy football survey to help determine what the settings for Apex Fantasy Leagues would be. We narrowed down our results to those beloved “fantasy fanatics”, who played in six or more fantasy leagues, those who are most likely to play on Apex. Through the survey and our desire to create the fairest atmosphere where the best owners earned the top prize, we found multiple settings that set us apart from every other fantasy league host.

Two-Game Weeks In All Of Our Fantasy Football Leagues

How many times have you scored the second-most points in a current week, only to be thwarted by the top scorer in your league that week? Even worse, other teams score far less than you and earn a win for playing teams who scored the least amount of points! The strength of schedule aspect of randomness can get in the way of the best owners finding their way to the top of the standings, and Apex has resolved this problem.

On Apex, you will play two games per week: one against a random head-to-head opponent, and one against the league average. This not only keeps the exciting head-to-head aspect alive but rewards owners who consistently score high point totals, regardless of what their opponent randomly scores against them.

To see why the two-game week is effective, let’s assume that the Tigers are playing the Bears. Their scores are listed in the table below:


In this scenario, the Tigers would go 1-0 in the standard head-to-head league, which simply is not ideal because they only outscored one team in the entire league.

Since they are in an Apex league, however, the Tigers would also play the average (which is 102.05) and lose.

We prefer our format because the Tigers would be at 1-1 for the week, which is a more accurate depiction of their performance this week.  They should not be rewarded for scoring the second-fewest amount of points. Their win was simply luck, for they played the only team who scored less than them.

By decreasing the importance of when you play certain teams (something that is completely random), teams’ records will be more accurately depicted in the standings.

PPR Fantasy Football Scoring

Apex uses Points Per Reception (PPR) scoring. Not only did the survey results dictate that PPR scoring was the preferred scoring method of fantasy fanatics, but nearly every major and national tournament also uses PPR scoring. It has become the standard of current fantasy football.

“Blind Bidding” Free Agent Acquisition System

The “blind bidding” waiver system is used on Apex because it was both the preferred system of the people and it is the most skill-based form of acquiring players.

On Apex, you won’t have to worry about not getting the hottest free agent because you aren’t at the bottom of the standings or don’t have the random “waiver priority”.

You get $500 in blind bidding money to spend on free agents.

Blind bidding is skill-based because it forces you to estimate what the market is for any particular free agent, in addition to budgeting your money.

It forces owners to balance aggression with frugality and brings a whole new aspect of strategy to the equation.

Deeper Starting Lineups With At Least One Flex Position

Too often in other public fantasy football leagues, excellent players are left on the bench because the starting lineup simply is not big enough to fit those free agents or late-round gems that you expertly acquired.

Here at Apex, we believe small, shallow starting lineups too frequently allow unskilled or uninformed owners to win because it allows a much higher margin for error.

On Apex, owners need to fill a deeper starting lineup:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 DEF

Being competitive at every position in the lineup favors the skilled and well-researched owner – something Apex successfully strives for.

We also host Deep and Superflex leagues. Deep leagues add an additional flex position. Superflex leagues even out each position by allowing you to start a quarterback at the flex position. You can see our lineup types and scoring rules here.

By changing the game to reduce the randomness of fantasy football, Apex ensures the best, most consistent owners take home our huge cash prizes! What are you waiting for?

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