COVID-19: Apex’s 2021 Policies and Rules

Here at Apex, we believe that when it comes to COVID-19, we are all in this together. We want to be a reliable and transparent part of a world filled with uncertainty.

As one of the leading providers of season-long fantasy football leagues in the world, we want to assure you that we are adapting as best as possible to this pandemic to both protect you from a shortened season and to ensure your experience in our leagues reflects the consequences this may have on an NFL field.

Here are some of the policy and rule changes we have made in response to COVID-19.

Will There Be Extra Injured Reserve Spots For 2021 Due To The COVID-19 Outbreak?

One-Year (Redraft) Leagues

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will add three injured reserve spots this season for the first time ever in one-year redraft leagues. We certainly hope these spots go unused for the entirety of the season, but three IR spots per team should be plenty to deal with any possible COVID-19 cases that occur amongst NFL players. These spots will be added closer to the season to prevent any potential abuse. The only players allowed on IR in one-year leagues are players on the NFL’s COVID list or on their team’s IR list.

Dynasty Leagues

To deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, Apex will give each dynasty league team five injured reserve slots. These spots will be added closer to the season to prevent any potential abuse.

What If Additional Protocols Are Needed?

Throughout our history, we at Apex have always prided ourselves on being responsive to customer demands and adaptive to the changing landscape of the industry. We will continue to take this approach to COVID-19 and take whichever steps are deemed necessary to make this year’s unique fantasy football experience as enjoyable as possible for you, the customer.

Rest assured we educate ourselves daily on NFL COVID news and how the fantasy football industry is handling this issue as a whole. Make sure to pay attention to our emails, website, and message board posts in your league for any further updates!

We sincerely thank you for considering and hopefully choosing Apex Fantasy Leagues during these trying times. No matter what happens, we hope you and yours stay safe and healthy during this uncertain period in our history.

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