Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues

What Is A Dynasty Fantasy Football League?

Dynasty Leagues are a chance for fantasy football owners to manage their own franchises in a format where owners will retain most or all of their players from year to year. Dynasty Leagues provide owners with the real experience of managing a team – rather than for just one short season. Just like the NFL, great selections can help owners build dominant juggernauts for years to come.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues on Apex

If you sign up for an Apex Dynasty League you are making a commitment to be in an ongoing year-to-year league. You will be competing against the same 11 owners each year. In order to keep the league together and prevent teams from leaving, we require an initial payment for the first year and a deposit for future seasons. Moving forward, each team will pay for the following season. Deposits are held for each team and cannot be used towards league entry fees in any season. Remember: Apex never pockets any dynasty league deposits – they are held to ensure the continuation of the league.

Beginning with new 2023 dynasty leagues, we are no longer refunding deposits to original owners who have been in their dynasty leagues for 5 years. This will still be honored for all previously existing dynasty leagues.

In 2024, the annual renewal fees are due by May 1st. Should an owner decide to leave the league or not pay by the renewal deadline, his team will be put up for sale and the owner will forfeit their deposit.

Each new dynasty league will have a 23-round online draft with 12 teams per league and three injured reserve spots.

Like all Apex leagues – every week, all teams will play two games: one head-to-head game against a random opponent and one game against the league average. The top six teams qualify for the playoffs, with the top two teams getting a “bye” in Week 15.

Currently, all Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues use the same PPR scoring format. Apex leagues have a number of different starting lineups. For more information on PPR scoring and starting lineup options, see League Scoring.

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For any updates regarding the 2023 season and changes to our leagues, the changes will be announced in a news post.

To see all of our draft dates, click here. We also offer Redraft (one-year) and Auction leagues.

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Live or Email Draft Leagues Contest Rules

Dynasty leagues can be Live Drafts or Email Drafts. If you would like more information, you can visit those pages to gain a better understanding of the drafting process.

League Schedule For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

Leagues begin during the first week of the NFL season. During each of the first 14 weeks of the season, every team will play two games: one against a random opponent and one against the average score of all the teams in the league. Every team will play every other team in the league once during the first 11 weeks of the season.

Once each player has played every other team at least once, teams will play three random opponents during Weeks 12-14. At the end of the regular season, each team will have played 28 games (14 against a head-to-head opponent and 14 against the league average) and the top six teams will make the playoffs.

Standings and Playoffs For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

Standings will be sorted by winning percentage. If there is a tie between two teams in the standings, the team with more total points scored will receive the higher seeding. If there is still a tie, the team with more total points against receives the higher seed. The top six teams will make the playoffs.

The first round of the playoffs is in Week 15. During this round, the top two teams receive a playoff bye. The 3rd seed will face the 6th seed, and the 4th and 5th seeds will face each other.

In the second round of the playoffs (Week 16), the 1st seed will play the winner of the 4th and 5th seed game, and the 2nd seed will play the winner of the 3rd and 6th seed game.

In Week 17, the second-round winners play in the league championship. The second-round losers play in a 3rd place game.

If a playoff game ends in a tie, the team that scored more points per game played over the course of the season and playoffs will break the tie. Bye weeks will not be included in the calculation. It will include total points scored divided by total games played.

Free Agents For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

All Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues use a “blind bidding” free agent acquisition system. To start the season, all owners will receive $500 in fictitious bidding money for the entire season. The blind bidding waivers will process on Wednesday nights at 10 pm ET.

Starting on the Friday (August 30th, unless your league drafts after this in which case this will begin the following Friday) before Week 1 of the 2024 season, there will be a second blind bidding waivers that process each Friday at 10 pm ET. Players who are dropped at least 24 hours prior will be eligible for acquisition. This will continue throughout the entire season.

To pick up a player during waivers, owners must bid a minimum of $1. The team with the highest bid will receive the player, for the amount they bid. Other teams will not be able to view your bid (hence the term “blind bidding”). Players who were dropped during the bidding process will be locked until the next blind bidding period.

Apex dynasty fantasy football leagues allow owners to win cash prizes.

Once all the bids are processed, the “first-come-first-serve” waiver period starts on Wednesday at 10 pm EST. Players lock at the kickoff of their game. The first-come-first-serve waiver system is a standard continuous waiver system. These pickups do not cost any bidding dollars. Players lock at the kickoff of their game.

Any unused blind bidding dollars will carry over to the next season. After the season ends (after Week 17), all free agents or non-roster players lock until the annual Rookie/Free Agent draft. Free agents can be selected in the Rookie/Free Agent draft and if not selected, are available in waivers that begin after the draft.

If your team roster is full, you must drop a player to acquire a player. Players that are picked up are available immediately to play and to be traded. Any bid that includes a dropped player must keep said dropped player to complete the bidding transaction. The blind bidding system does what it is instructed to do. Bidding tiebreakers are determined by which team has a lower winning percentage.

For existing and new dynasty leagues, blind bidding waivers will process on Wednesday at 10 pm EST after the completion of the draft, and “first-come-first-serve” waivers will follow. This same schedule will continue throughout the season. Refer to the league calendar on the league homepage for exact dates.

We understand that owners accidentally drop the wrong player occasionally. When this happens, send us an email as soon as possible at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com and we will investigate and attempt to correct the error. We must be notified before the player is picked up through blind bidding. If the player has been awarded to a team through blind bidding, it is final and irreversible.

Owners cannot use adding players as a weapon. If an owner in your league is adding players and dropping them so they are locked, send us an email as soon as possible at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com and we will investigate and attempt to correct the situation.

Dropped players are locked – the first exception to this is players who are picked up and dropped in the same week. This rule is to prevent “churning” (the tactic of picking up and then dropping multiple players simply to keep other teams from obtaining them). The point of the waivers process is to allow each team an equal chance to obtain unowned players. The MyFantasyLeague software does not accommodate allowing players who were added and dropped during the same week to be automatically unlocked. However, if you discover such a player and wish to pick him up, our rules do allow this, so just contact us and we will make him available as a free agent.

With the additional Friday night waiver processing, players can only be unlocked if they were dropped after 10 pm ET on Thursday night, rendering them ineligible for Friday’s blind bidding run. If a player is dropped after this deadline, he is eligible to be unlocked. If they were dropped before 10 pm ET on Thursday, the player will be included in Friday’s blind bidding waivers to give each owner a chance at acquiring the player(s).

The second exception to this rule is if a player who is playing in a Thursday game is added the previous day (through Wednesday’s blind bidding or free agency acquisition period) and dropped before the Thursday game. In this scenario, we will unlock players upon request. Please email us at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com if you would like a player who meets these criteria to be unlocked.

All bid requests are blind until the waivers process. On the 2021 end-of-season survey, owners voted to make all blind bid requests public following the processing of requests. Teams can view the requests by visiting the “Reports” header at the top of the league homepage, then “Franchise” > “Previously Processed Waivers”.

Injured Reserve For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

All dynasty leagues will start with three injured reserve slots. Only players who are placed on the NFL’s Injured Reserve (IR) will be eligible. For existing leagues, this number can be increased to 4 slots with a league poll (see conditions and restrictions on polls below).

To place a player on IR in your league, go to the “Transactions” header at the top of your league page and click “Injured Reserve”. From there, check the box on the far left in the column titled “Deactivate To IR?” next to an eligible player, and click “Perform Injured Reserve”.

Do not check the box in the middle of the page in the column titled “Drop From Roster?”, as this will indeed drop the player from your roster. If you accidentally do this, contact us immediately so that the accidental transaction can be reversed.

Remember: the IR slots are not extra roster spots. You must activate a player from IR as soon as they are removed from the NFL’s IR. Franchises with ineligible players on their IR are prevented from setting their lineups.

If you have an IR violation due to a player who has already played that week, you will only be able to update your lineup by moving him to your active roster and dropping a player who has yet to play. Simply dropping the player on IR who has already played that week is not an option.

If owners have players who are IR violations, they should not be adding players. This rule is not enforceable by MyFantasyLeague’s software but if an owner is adding and dropping players with an IR violation and we are contacted by an owner in the league, we will restrict their ability to add players until their roster is legal.

IR violations are automatically corrected upon transfer to the 2024 versions of dynasty leagues. This means that owners who had players on IR at the end of the 2023 season likely are over the roster limit. Owners will not be able to make any transactions unless they are at the legal roster limit (or the transaction itself takes them to or below the limit).

Trading For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

There is no limit to the number of trades a team can make in a given week or throughout the season. Both teams must approve the terms of the trade for it to be confirmed. Once confirmed, the trade is automatically processed. Trades including only draft picks are permitted. Once completed, trade results will be posted on the league website and a transaction record will be listed. The team rosters will also be automatically updated. Trades must be completed and confirmed by both sides by 5 pm EST on Saturday each week, ensuring that owners have adequate time to request reviews of trades.

The trade deadline for new Apex dynasty leagues is the kickoff (Thursday game) of Week 11 (November 14th for the 2024 season). Trading opens up again in all dynasty leagues the day after the Super Bowl. Starting in 2025, trading will open up one week after the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

For all existing dynasty leagues with a Week 8 trade deadline, the deadline was moved to Week 9 in 2022 to reflect the 17-game schedule.

With our dynasty league total increasing, we want original owners to keep their teams and discourage owners from trading away future year draft picks unless you plan to continue in the league after the season. To trade future picks, owners are required to agree to pay for that year’s entry fees. To enable your ability to trade future picks, you must turn on the auto-renewal feature on your Apex account. Owners should only enable future pick trading if they plan to remain in the league.

This setting can be undone after the season if the team does not trade any future picks or has similar draft capital going into the season – the required draft capital cannot be acquired during the following season. Similar draft capital is defined by having 13 or more total “draft pick points” when adding up the value of your future draft picks:

  • 1st Round Pick = 10 points
  • 2nd Round Pick = 3 points
  • 3rd Round Pick = 1 point

Auto-renewals can only be reversed before the May 1st dynasty renewal deadline. Teams cannot trade before having their auto-renewal reversed.

To turn on future draft pick trading, go to the Apex Lobby and look for the Keepers header, and click Trading Rights. There, once you have renewed for this season, you can turn on auto-renewal. Please email us at apexffml@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Auto-renewal means your team will automatically renew immediately following the payout of prizes at the end of the season. If there are no prizes won or there are insufficient funds in your account, the team will auto-renew anyway, sending your account balance negative. Your account will not be able to join or renew leagues next year until the negative balance is resolved, and if it remains negative as your renewal deadline approaches, Apex reserves the right to orphan your team.

Until the auto-renewal is enabled, you can trade for future-year picks, but cannot trade away future-year picks. However, any acquired future picks (from other teams) are not tradable. A team can either trade future picks by agreement to renew, or it cannot trade them at all.

Trading is permitted during dynasty league drafts. Trading of picks and players is allowed during an email draft, but it is discouraged when it is your turn, as this causes delays. Instead, all owners are expected to cooperate in facilitating a speedy draft.

When the NFL regular-season opener is in less than 10 days, trades in email drafts are not permitted. This is to ensure that drafts are completed before the start of the NFL season.

On the 2021 end-of-season survey, Apex asked owners if teams that are over the roster limit should be able to trade. Owners voted that they should not be able to do so. Teams that are over the roster limit can only make trades that result in a legal roster.

Trades will be monitored for collusion and unfair trades will not be tolerated. If two owners notify Apex of their objection to a specific trade, the trade will be evaluated for fairness in accordance with the procedures set forth below.

You have twenty-four (24) hours after a trade is accepted to request a review, and the sooner you make your request, the more time will remain in the 24-hour review period for voting results to be collected. Each team is allowed five review requests per year, and trades that are overturned during the review process do not count against the limit of five. The identity of the requester of the trade review will remain anonymous. During the season, all objections to trades must be made by 10 pm ET on Saturday night.

If you would like to request a review of a trade, please send us an email as soon as possible at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com.

Remember, it is not your job to simply block trades you would not do yourself – every owner reserves the right to attempt risk and manage their team as they see fit as long as it does not threaten the integrity of the league. As a league member involved in reviewing trades, your only job is to recognize potential collusion or to call attention to trades that are so extremely imbalanced that they threaten the integrity of the league. Pay special attention to trades that do not seem to offer benefits to both sides.

If a review is requested, several emails are sent out:

  • The trading partners are notified that their trade is under review.
  • All other members of the league are requested to provide their input on the trade with a simple yes or no vote. When voting “no,” you’re asked which side is favored.
  • A random jury of ten peers from similar leagues is also emailed, requesting their vote as well.

The voting process lasts up to 24 hours after the trade review is requested but oftentimes, the decision will be made sooner. We recommend casting your vote in the trade review as soon as possible. Once the votes have been accrued, the commissioner will make a determination based on the votes.

The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade for any reason, but the decision to veto usually means all of the following requirements are met:

  • Are there at least three votes against the trade within the league (including the requester)?
  • Do the “no” votes exceed the “yes” votes within the league, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • Do the “no” votes exceed the “yes” votes from the impartial trade jury, and do they agree that the same side wins the trade?
  • The commissioner will use a trade calculator to evaluate a trade in the event of a tied vote.

If the trade is overturned, players and/or picks are restored to their original teams immediately.

Please use caution when offering trades and responding to trade offers – we highly recommend only doing so on a computer, and double-checking that your selected option(s) match your intentions.

If an owner accidentally accepts a trade and contacts us immediately via email or Message Board Post within 15 minutes of accepting the trade, the trade can be reversed by a Commissioner. If we are not contacted within 15 minutes, the owner can be counted as a review request toward a trade review (given that we are contacted within 24 hours of the trade). It does happen, and the trade will be judged by the fairness of the trade but do be sure to accompany your request with a convincing explanation of what happened.

Offering a trade, however, is binding – accidentally offered trades will not be automatically reversed even if we are contacted within 15 minutes. If an owner accidentally offers a trade and it is accepted, the owner can be counted as a review request toward a trade review (again, given that we are contacted within 24 hours of the trade).

Multiple trades overturned in a given league can result in the loss of individual trading abilities in that particular league.

If two owners make a trade that is overturned, any subsequent trades made by either of the owners from the time of the aforementioned trade until the ruling on said trade are subject to being automatically reversed.

If a trade is overturned, any resulting lineup questions will default to the most recently submitted lineup by the owner(s) prior to the trade.

Apex allows trading during dynasty startup drafts, and this feature requires a little more cooperation from owners. If a review occurs during your startup draft, we request that patience be exercised when selecting picks that are involved in the trade. Backing up the draft to accommodate a reversed trade is seldom appreciated. If your pick comes due while your trade is under review, and you select a player, it may be reversed by the commissioner once the trade review is resolved.

Disclaimer: Dynasty Leagues by nature involve a large number of trades. If you are opposed to trading, a dynasty league is likely not for you. Draft picks do not count as players but can be included in all trades. When evaluating trades in dynasty leagues, we will be more tolerant than in redraft leagues. Some trades may appear lopsided in the present, but allow a weaker team a chance to rebuild in the future.

When the NFL regular-season opener is in less than 10 days, trades in email drafts are not permitted. This is to ensure that drafts are completed before the start of the NFL season.

For Live Drafts, start-up draft slots can be traded if the commissioner is notified of the terms of the trade by both parties at least eight hours before the start of the draft.

Future Seasons For Apex Fantasy Football Leagues

To renew your dynasty team for the following season: go to our Lobby, go to the “Keepers” tab, and you’ll be able to renew your league under “Renew Teams”. If you would like to orphan a team, you can do so by clicking “Leave”. Once a team is orphaned, it can immediately be purchased by another owner – so please ensure you would like to leave the league before orphaning the team.

After the first season (and during the first season for earlier-drafting dynasty startups), there is an annual Rookie/Free Agent Draft. This draft is a three-round Email Draft and is scheduled to start on the second Saturday in July each year. The Rookie/Free Agent Draft is fixed and non-serpentine. During the draft, rosters can expand for draft picks (note: rosters do not expand for dynasty leagues in their first year of existence – only for previously existing dynasty leagues). Rosters must be cut down to the legal limit by the start of the NFL season. Blind bidding will resume the week following the Rookie/Free Agent Draft. Until your roster is legal, you cannot add free agents.

This draft will not start until all 12 teams have paid. If a league has not been fully renewed by the end of July, the draft will start three days after all teams have renewed and there are no orphan teams. If a league does not have 12 paid teams by August 24th, it will fold and all deposits will be refunded to the current owners of the teams.

Each year, the draft order for the Rookie/Free Agent draft will be determined by “potential points” accrued during the previous regular season (Weeks 1-14) for teams that did not finish in the top three in the playoffs. This will simultaneously prevent tanking (as the way lineups are set does not affect potential points) while ensuring that the poorest teams receive the top selections.

The potential points will apply to all nine teams that did not place. The top three teams will draft in reverse order of their finish, with the remaining nine teams drafting in reverse order of potential points. This modification has been made to ensure that teams are not penalized in the draft order for competing and attempting to make the playoffs. Teams in fantasy leagues should, in fact, attempt to win.

Potential points are calculated by selecting the optimal lineup for each week’s game, with one very important exception: if you score zero potential points at any position, your total for the week will be increased:

  • QB: If all quarterbacks on your team score zero (such that this position has a zero potential score), your potential points are increased by 20
  • RB: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 15
  • WR: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 15
  • TE: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 10
  • PK: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 10
  • DE: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 10
  • Flex: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 15
  • Superflex: If you score zero, your potential points are increased by 20

Therefore, there is little or no advantage to rostering an ineffective and/or incomplete lineup. For example, it will backfire if you roster no quarterback or only quarterbacks on bye: you’ll get 20 potential points regardless. 

Any player who is on their fantasy team’s IR while actually active in the NFL (an IR violation) will also accumulate potential points.

If there is a tie of potential points, the team that finished lower on the standings will receive the higher draft pick.

Remember: potential points are not added to the live scoring and do not contribute to determining the result of a fantasy matchup – they are only added to a tally that determines draft order. You can see the potential points tally by going to the Apex Lobby, visiting the Keepers button, and clicking Potential Points on the drop-down menu.

If an owner attempts to cheat the potential points system in any way, the commissioner reserves the right to penalize teams according to his discretion. The commissioner’s decision and ruling in such cases are final and cannot be appealed.

Renewal fees will be due by May 1st of each year. If we do not receive your payment by then, your team will be placed on the market for a new owner to purchase. If you drop out of the league, you will not receive a refund for any previous payments, including deposits. In addition, teams will not be able to make any transactions or trades until their payment has been made.

If you sign up for a Dynasty League you are making a commitment to be in an ongoing year-to-year league. In order to keep the league together and prevent teams from leaving, we require an initial payment for the first year and a deposit for future seasons. Moving forward, each team will pay for each season. Deposits are held for each team and cannot be used towards league entry fees in any season. Remember: Apex never pockets any dynasty league deposits – they are held to ensure the continuation of the league.

For dynasty startups that began before the 2023 season, deposits can be partially refunded: any original owner that has managed their dynasty team for five consecutive seasons will receive 50% of their deposit back into their Apex account at the conclusion of the fifth season. Apex simply desires owners who continue to manage their dynasty teams and are happy to reward the owners who have done so. This policy will be discontinued starting in 2023, but all leagues that drafted before then remain eligible.

If an owner decides to drop their team, the deposit is used to ensure the continuation of the league. To help ensure that the dynasty leagues perpetuate, Apex may use the deposit for orphaned teams to reduce the price to find a new owner. Oftentimes, these teams are among the weaker teams in their respective leagues, and we help incentivize their sale through the reduction of monetary risk.

Setting Lineups and Abandoned Teams

Owners must start a full starting lineup each week. If Apex is contacted about an owner’s starting lineup prior to the games kicking off, we will ensure that their starting lineup is set as required.

Absent collusion, Apex will not retroactively adjust lineups. It is the exclusive responsibility of the owner to set his or her lineup. Owners with difficulty setting lineups can notify Apex at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com and have their lineups set accordingly.

If a lineup for a given week has not yet been submitted, the lineup will be set according to Fantasy Sharks’ rankings each Thursday morning. Please ensure to submit a provisional lineup each week before Thursday, or at the very least check your lineup on Thursday afternoons before the Thursday night game. Remember, it will NOT interfere with any lineups that had previously been set that week. The mechanism will help ensure that lineups are set for owners who are inactive or who have forgotten to set their lineups.

It is against the rules for teams to swap out players for injured or obviously inferior players. If a team in your league is doing so, please notify your commissioner.

Apex will contact each owner that has been reported as having an unset lineup, and if they had not set their lineup for two or more consecutive weeks or three total weeks (we will check the teams about an hour before the first Sunday games) then Apex reserves the right to remove the owner of that team immediately without refund and possible banishment from participating in future Apex contests. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and the commissioner’s decision will be final and unable to be appealed.

We take the integrity of our leagues very seriously, and we expect each owner to simply take a minute or two each week to ensure they have a full and active starting lineup. This is a simple responsibility each owner must fulfill when joining an Apex league. We understand that there are accidents, emergencies, and things more important than fantasy football, which is why this cannot be a zero-tolerance policy. However, fantasy leagues require active owners.

League Polls

Apex allows owners of existing leagues to contact the commissioner to request polls for rule changes – however, only certain settings can be modified. These settings currently include roster size, trade deadline, and injured reserve size. The roster size is capped at 24 players, the trade deadline at Week 11, and injured reserve at 4 spots. These polls are sent out and voted on via email, so make sure to check your email inbox (as listed in your Apex account).

Beginning May 2nd, existing full leagues can vote for rule changes. The entire league must be renewed and paid in order for the poll(s) to be added – if you don’t know if your league is fully renewed or not, simply check the Orphan Marketplace on May 2nd or after, and ensure there is no team in your league listed there.

These rule changes will only apply to the specific dynasty league that the owner(s) is requesting the poll. If the majority of the league (7) votes in favor of the rule change (except for moving the Rookie/Free Agent draft date, more on this below), Apex will modify the rules during the offseason or for the following season. For existing leagues, polls must take place after the league is full and prior to the Rookie/Free Agent draft.

The default Rookie/Free Agent draft date for 2024 is July 13th at 1 pm ET but when requested, Rookie/Free Agent drafts can be moved up via league poll. Simply email us (apexffml@gmail.com) proposing a new draft date (MUST be a Saturday), and we will send out an email to the league where they can vote on either moving the draft to that proposed date or leaving it on July 13th (the default Rookie/Free Agent draft date this year).

If 10 members vote to move the draft, it will be moved to the proposed date. If 9 or fewer members vote to move up the draft, the poll fails. Leagues can have up to 3 draft date polls sent out before the draft date automatically remains on July 13th. No matter when the draft occurs, it will still be an email draft with an 8-hour timer (pausing overnight).

There are instances where 7 or more owners agree on a rule change, but there is not a majority on how drastic the rule change should be. In cases such as these, the rule will be changed to the lowest common denominator.

For example, if 4 owners vote to increase the roster size to 22, 3 owners vote to increase the roster size to 23, and 1 owner votes to increase the roster size to 24, the new roster size would be 22 as 8 owners voted to have at least 22 roster spots.

Additional League Information

Owners are not required to fill all starting lineup requirements on draft day. For example, owners are not forced to take a kicker or defense during the draft and have the opportunity to pick them up before the first week of the season. Owners are required to have a full starting lineup for the kickoff of Week 1 (and every other week they have a game scheduled), however.

Apex reserves the right to manage orphan teams in an attempt to improve the team for a future owner. They are not eligible to win prize money but will have set lineups and function like any other team. Apex-run teams do not make trades but players will be picked up in order to maintain a full and active roster.

Any league that fills before the Super Bowl will only begin drafting after the conclusion of the NFL postseason. Since MFL annually updates their software and transfers their leagues after the conclusion of the NFL postseason, the leagues can only begin drafting once we receive their approval.

For startup drafts that take place prior to the NFL draft, Apex uses Rookie Placeholders/Picks. Custom “players” are in the player pool for the startup draft and represent Rookie Picks for the upcoming rookie draft (essentially, you can “draft” a pick in the upcoming rookie draft instead of a current player). Owners can select them whenever they are on the clock. In 2024, the draft to select the actual rookie players will take place as an email draft beginning on July 13th at 1 pm ET (unless your draft date has been moved up via a league poll).

For the Auction draft dynasty leagues, only the startup draft will be of the auction variety. Future Rookie/Free Agent drafts will be conducted by a three-round Email draft.

Conduct that is detrimental to the league or to Apex Fantasy Football will not be tolerated. This includes any harassment in the form of a post or email that serves no purpose other than to cause dissonance within the league or the Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues organization. Any personal attacks toward fellow owners, the commissioner, or vulgarity in emails or on the message board will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with league sportsmanship rules may result in immediate expulsion without refund. This also applies to owners failing to set their lineups – it is unfair for owners to receive free wins because other owners forget or choose not to set lineups or pick up free agents as necessary. Attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league will also result in immediate expulsion without a refund from Apex. Examples include threatening or outright refusal to submit lineups, partaking in bogus trades, disruption of a live draft, etc. Apex also reserves the right to set your lineup for you if by our judgment you are intentionally trying to lose. These rules are simply meant to make Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues as friendly, honest, and competitive as possible.

Apex’s average draft position (ADP) for recent drafts is listed publicly. Early in the season, ADP on MyFantasyLeague may not be set yet. For these leagues, autopicks will be done by “Rank” as shown on MyFantasyLeague. Please contact us with any questions about this.

MyFantasyLeague applies stat corrections made by the Elias Sports Bureau on Thursday morning each week. The stat corrections can impact your game.

Apex does not take responsibility for the utilization of third-party applications and strongly urges owners to use MyFantasyLeague.com for all aspects of team management.

All prizes won are paid at the end of the season. After the completion of the playoffs, winners will have the prizes deposited into their Apex accounts. We take pride in paying owners promptly. Owners will be paid within a week of winning their league.

Payouts are available to be claimed and are accessed on your Apex account.

Go to the “My Account” page in our lobby and click “Claim Prize Winnings” to get the money into your Apex account. From there, you can choose to withdraw the money.

Apex notes the probability that players have of winning their league. Players have a 1 in 12 chance (8.33%) of winning first in their 12 team league and a 1 in 4 chance (25%) of winning a prize.

Exclusion for Contest: Players can exclude themselves from contests by contacting Apex. The player must contact Apex at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the draft so Apex maintains the opportunity to replace the player.

Expert Status: Apex categorizes players who have reached “expert” status differently depending on various state laws. This measure is in place so that beginners can be warned when entering contests with “highly experienced players”. You can note the expert symbol in the lobby when selecting leagues to join. Experts are denoted by the symbol of a crown.

Prohibited Players: any member, officer, employee, or agent of an operator or registrant; any spouse, child, brother, sister, or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of any member, officer, employee, or agent of an operator or registrant; any individual with access to non-public confidential information about contests; any amateur or professional athlete whose performance may be used to determine the outcome of a contest; any sports agent, team employee, referee, or league official associated with any sport or athletic event on which contests are based; any individual located in a state where the conduct of contests is expressly prohibited; or any minor.

Position Eligibility: The position of a player is defined by his NFL team’s depth chart.

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues are neither affiliated, endorsed, nor licensed by the NFL or NFLPA.

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