Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide

Ja'Marr Chase tops the 2021 dynasty rookie rankings

Looking To Dominate Your Dynasty Rookie Draft?

The 2021 Apex Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide is officially live! If you paid attention to Apex’s research last year, we told you to have:

Want the same juggernaut-forming foresight that brought your dynasty team their young, perennial superstars? Then you need this year’s version of our dynasty rookie rankings! Authoring this year’s Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide include:

  • Mike Braude: industry-renowned expert who has finished as the regular-season champion in the Apex Expert Writer’s League (with competitors including Evan Silva, Mike Clay, Shawn Siegele, and JJ Zachariason among other leading fantasy experts) 3 out of the last 4 seasons
  • Dalton Kates: in-house dynasty expert author of last year’s rookie rankings that made the league-winning calls referenced above
  • Parker Olhiser: draft and film analyst who has watched hundreds of hours of rookie tape to bring detailed and definitive on-field analysis of each fantasy-relevant player

What’s Included In The 2021 Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide?

There will be two releases of the guide – Pre-NFL Draft (available now for purchase) and Post-NFL Draft (coming May 2021, pre-order today). You can purchase both for the low price of $12.99 or either one individually for $8.99.

Note: if you purchase both guides or only the Post-NFL Draft version before the release of the Post-NFL Draft version, you will receive an email containing the download link for the Post-NFL Draft version when it is ready for release (May 2021).

2021 Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide – Pre-NFL Draft Version Contents:

  • Detailed, analytics-driven dynasty rookie rankings for the top 30+ fantasy-relevant players divided into tiers with qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Film-based analysis for 30+ fantasy-relevant players with their on-field strengths and weaknesses which also contextualize age, scheme/system, coaching, and supporting cast
  • A detailed guide that teaches you how to analyze NFL prospects and what to look for when searching for your dynasty league’s next league-winning superstars
  • Dynasty Rookie Ranking cheatsheets for both 1QB and 2QB/Superflex leagues for quick, easy reference during your draft, as well as composite rankings showing our analysts’ individual and combined rankings
  • Combined rankings of the 2020 and 2021 rookie draft classes to compare this year’s prospects to last year’s

2021 Dynasty Rookie Rankings Guide – Post-NFL Draft Version Contents:

  • Rankings and analysis are adjusted for landing spots and draft capital
  • Updated cheatsheets for both 1QB and 2QB/Superflex leagues as well as composite rankings
  • Adjusted combined rankings of the 2020 and 2021 rookie classes
  • Exclusive dynasty mock drafts
  • Exclusive podcasts discussing player values (available only if purchasing the $12.99 package)

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