Looking for the best dynasty trade calculators to help dominate your league? We love dynasty leagues and host them here on Apex!

We have researched six of the top 2024 dynasty trade calculators (according to Google) so you can see which one(s) works best for you! In researching these calculators, we found that each calculator brings at least one unique feature to the table. It’s important to find a calculator that fits your specific needs. We’ve broken down the cost and features of each calculator right here:

KeepTradeCut.com’s Dynasty Trade Calculator

KeepTradeCut's dynasty trade calculator user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

This dynasty trade calculator is completely free to use (although they do accept donations). You do have to “contribute” to the rankings by ranking three random players when you visit the site, but this takes mere seconds! This is how they crowdsource their consistently updating rankings, and it forces you to think about your own dynasty rankings.

KeepTradeCut's ranking system, where you have to rank three players when you go to the website

Features of Calculator

League Size Options: 12 teams (8-16 teams in Startup Mode)

Scoring Options: 0.5 PPR

Format Options: 1QB, 2QB/Superflex, TE Premium (multiple settings, more below)

Startup Mode: Yes (exact selections available for picks 1.01-43.12)

Package Adjustment (adjusts for trading multiple average players for a star): Yes (automatic)

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024 (exact picks available for selections 1.01-4.12), 2025, 2026 (early/mid/late options for rounds 1-4 for both years)

  • Rankings are 100% continually crowdsourced from the website’s users, which creates a fantastic gauge as to how the public values a player instead of particular expert rankings. This also allows rankings to be updated in real time as injuries and transactions occur.
  • Can set your own “acceptable variance range”, or the percentage of allowable value difference to help the calculator know how strict it should be in determining the fairness of trades.
  • KeepTradeCut’s user interface is specially designed to be easy to use and intuitive.
  • TE Premium setting has multiple “tiers” (TE+, TE++, and TE+++) which helps reflect accurate TE value based on how many TEs you start and how big the points bonuses are for them (if applicable).
  • Exact-numbered rookie pick values are based on their own Devy rankings, (and Rookie Rankings, which have just been loaded onto the site) which are also crowdsourced.
  • League integration options for Sleeper and MyFantasyLeague are available which show power rankings, top available free agents, and more.

KeepTradeCut's dynasty trade calculator value exchanged and player trends

KeepTradeCut's dynasty trade calculator quick facts and value dispersion

Analysis of Calculator

KeepTradeCut has developed into one of the leading dynasty ranking sites due to their rankings being 100% crowdsourced – something that sets them apart and does the best job of truly reflecting the opinions of the public market. If you’re wondering how your dynasty league-mates rank particular players, KeepTradeCut may be your best bet.

This is also the only trade calculator we came across that has values for over 20 rounds of exact picks in their startup mode, so if you’re in a deeper startup draft this calculator is for you.

They also have awesome visualization features for each trade (see above) such as 6-month trends of each asset involved in the trade, average age, average rank, value dispersion, stacked bar charts, and suggested players to add to make the trade more even.

There are even more potential additions in the works for 2024 including more league size and scoring customization, more league integration options, and even more data visualizations.

Editor’s Note: Excited to use some of these calculators on discounted dynasty teams? We have many excellent orphan dynasty teams available, which are half the price of a new dynasty startup! You can look at each team’s roster and 2024 rookie draft picks on our Orphan page.

DynastyLeagueFootball.com‘s Dynasty Trade Calculator

DynastyLeagueFootball's dynasty trade calculator's user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

This calculator is free when comparing two players or picks. If three or more assets are involved, a Premium membership to DynastyLeagueFootball.com is required and begins at $9.99 per month. However, there are yearly memberships available for $49.99 per year, and you can get their Premium membership for free by utilizing one of their partnerships.

Premium membership also comes with a myriad of other tools, features, and rankings besides their dynasty trade calculator. This includes mock draft simulators, loads of devy and IDP content, various ADPs, and much more.

Features of Calculator

League Size Options: 10-16 teams

Scoring Options: Full PPR

Format Options: 1QB, 2QB/Superflex, TE Premium

Startup Mode: No

Package Adjustment: Yes (optional)

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024 (exact selections available for picks 1.01-5.12), 2025, 2026 (general rounds only for rounds 1-5 for both years)

  • League integration options are available for MyFantasyLeague, Fleaflicker, Sleeper, FFPC leagues, ESPN, and RT Sports.
  • The player and pick values are based on composite rankings and ADP, which are updated frequently to reflect the latest NFL news.
  • When a player is selected, the calculator automatically displays their ADP, age, and overall rank. There is also a field to display recent actual dynasty trades made with involved players and suggests players to add in to make the trade more balanced.
  • Contains a rookie pick value adjuster, which helps tailor the calculator to each user’s individual valuation of rookie picks (current and future).

DynastyLeagueFootball's dynasty trade calculator's user interface underneath the calculator

Analysis of Calculator

DynastyLeagueFootball has been around since 2006, and they’ve made consistent improvements to their site and features year after year. This includes a cleaner user interface and improved mobile device display.

While this is one of the few leading dynasty trade calculators that has a cost associated with it, they’ve opened up limited access (comparing two players/picks) for free to the general public. There are multiple ways to make their cheap membership even more affordable, and the amount of features included is staggering.

They are also adding a “Dynasty League Analyzer“, with new features when your own dynasty league(s). You will be able to analyze trades, view power rankings, and find the best available free agents – all through their improved LeagueSync integration. “This will help managers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams within the context of their individual league.” says Ken Moody, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DLF.

This calculator is easy to use, comes loaded with features, and doesn’t appear to have any glaring weaknesses. If you consider yourself a hardcore dynasty player looking for a one-stop shop for content and tools, we recommend looking into membership options.

DynastyTradeCalculator.com‘s Dynasty Trade Calculator

DynastyTradeCalculator's dynasty trade calculator's user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

DynastyTradeCalculator.com’s access starts at $2.99 per month (they also offer a $29.99 annual option, giving two free months compared to the monthly fee), but you’ll soon receive access to ChatDTC – the “world’s first GenAI chatbot for fantasy football” per John Moeser, Co-Owner and Director of Media for DynastyTradeCalculator. ChatDTC will be live and compatible with league integrations in the coming weeks! This is going to make the small fee well worth the price.

Membership also comes with heavily customizable dynasty rankings, tools for re-draft leagues, and trade histories/trends for dynasty league assets.

Features of Calculator

League Size Options: 10-16 teams

Scoring Options: Full PPR, 0.5 PPR, Standard

Format Options: 1QB, Superflex, 2QB (emphasizes QB more than Superflex), TE Premium, RB Point Per Carry

Startup Mode: Yes (exact selections available for picks 1.01-20.12)

Package Adjustment: Yes (optional, click “Unbalanced Trade Reduction” to toggle on and off)

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024 (exact selections available for picks 1.01-2.12, general rounds only for rounds 3-4), 2025 (general rounds only for rounds 1-2), 2026 (general rounds only for round 1)

  • League import feature available for leagues hosted on MyFantasyLeague, Fleaflicker, and Sleeper.
  • Click any player’s name after entering them into the calculator to show resources like value trends over time, actual trades made with said player, and comparable assets to said player.
  • Uses many data points to determine player values including ADP, consensus rankings, polls, real-life trades, and more!
  • Includes a player’s numerical value and age when input into the trade calculator.
  • Trade fairness is based on the total numerical value of players on each side.
  • ChatDTC (sneak preview pictured below) will soon be live on the site and will create qualitative trade analysis given the context of your team and league using AI technology.
  • Utilizes “badges” to help profile players and identify strengths/weaknesses as well as highlight certain analysts’ favorite players.

DynastyTradeCalculator's dynasty trade calculator's new ChatDTC, AI that analyzes your trade

DynastyTradeCalculator's badge system

Analysis of Calculator

Like DLF’s trade calculator, this one isn’t free but the cost is roughly a cup of coffee per month and comes with other features.

The new main attraction and headline of DTC: they’ll become the first dynasty trade calculator to integrate GenAI Chatbot technology to give enhanced insights into both the analyzed trade and its context for your team/league (see above). It will not only give you the most in-depth qualitative analysis available (among every trade calculator we’ve come across), but the GenAI technology will also be able to take into account the context of the league and give customized insight/recommendations.

This calculator also sets itself apart with the sheer amount of league settings it can accommodate. Not only does it have RB PPC as an option, but it can also calculate Devy trades and trades involving defensive players – all formats that, among reviewed calculators, were unique to DTC’s dynasty trade calculator. Bonus points for its “startup mode” as well, which is not too common in dynasty trade calculators.

Lastly, the badges (shown above) were a super fun and unique easter egg! I enjoyed clicking through different trades/players and seeing how/to whom they were assigned.

DynastyProcess.com‘s Dynasty Trade Calculator

DynastyProcess's dynasty trade calculator's user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

DynastyProcess.com‘s dynasty trade calculator is free. However, there is also a link to make monetary contributions to the work they are putting into the site.

Features of Calculator

League Size Options: 6-32 teams

Scoring Options: Full PPR

Format Options: 1QB, 2QB/Superflex

Startup Mode: Yes (no exact selections available)

Package Adjustment: Yes (can be adjusted on a sliding scale using  the “Valuation Factor” setting)

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024 (exact selections available for picks 1.01-5.12), 2025 (early/mid/late options for rounds 1-5), 2026, 2027 (general rounds only for rounds 1-5 for both years)

  • Values of players are based on FantasyPros.com‘s dynasty rankings and are updated accordingly.
  • Can choose a point on a sliding scale between “Stud Heavy” (you value top-end players over depth) and “Depth Heavy” (you value depth over top-end players). This will help the calculator determine the value of giving up/getting a marquee player in exchange for multiple solid players.
  • Can toggle on a “Rookie Optimism” sliding scale between “Rookie Optimist” (you have faith that the rookie draft pick in the trade will meet or exceed perceived value) and “Rookie Pessimist” (you believe the “potential” of the pick is worth more than the player the pick will turn out to be). This helps weigh how valuable current rookie picks are in a trade.
  • Can toggle on a “Future Pick Value” scale between “Win Now” mode and “Rebuilding” mode to adjust the value of future picks in a trade.
  • It gives a percentage of how one-sided a trade is and gives recommendations of players and picks to add to make a trade more balanced.
  • Operates on a mobile-first interface.

DynastyProcess's dynasty trade calculator's user interface featuring customizable rookie optimism, future pick value and valuation factor

Analysis of Calculator

The major strength of this calculator is its customization to an owner’s personality and risk profile. How much do you believe in your ability to pick the right rookie players? Are you looking specifically for depth or a top-end player?

The other strength of the calculator is that it supports the largest range of league size from the calculators we reviewed. While rare, this calculator is a great asset if your league has under 8 teams or over 16.

“I have a hard time with trade values that prescribe one number for every league”, explained Tan Ho – one of the creators of the calculator. “Every league is its own market, and I think the power of a tool like this is that it gives a good reference for a wider range of leagues.”

Make sure to check out this blog post where Ho explains in-depth the calculator’s values, construction, and algorithms which helps give an insight into whether this trade calculator is what you’re looking for, though it is not as visually stimulating or customizable as others (as far as league settings go).

There are also plenty of Chuck Norris jokes waiting for you if you get disconnected from the page!

RotoTrade.Com‘s Dynasty Trade Calculator

RotoTrade's dynasty trade calculator's user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

You can access RotoTrade’s calculator for free by clicking here!

Features of Calculator

League Size Options (number of teams): 12

Scoring Options: Full PPR, 0.5 PPR, Standard

Format Options: 1QB, 2QB/Superflex

Startup Mode: No

Package Adjustment: Yes (optional)

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024, 2025 (exact selections available for picks 1.01-2.16 for both years)

  • Provides a simple numerical value for each player based on RotoTrade’s custom rankings.
  • Shows a simple “yes or no” answer for whether or not you should make the trade.
  • Gives qualitative analysis with relatively detailed reasoning and qualifiers on why you should or should not make the trade.
  • Each trade analysis comes with an answer-appropriate and entertaining GIF.

RotoTrade's dynasty trade calculator's trade result

Analysis of Calculator

RotoTrade.com’s dynasty trade calculator (it also has functionality as a redraft calculator) doesn’t have a major feature that outshines the other calculators reviewed here, but it is very easy to use and is one of the few that provides qualitative analysis. They also base their player values on their unique rankings.

Other calculators are smoother visually and have more customizations, though this is the only calculator we found with exact 2025 rookie selections available for input. The GIF selection for trade analysis is also top-notch!

One last feature worth mentioning is their free “Team Analyzer” tool. You select settings such as the number of starters at each position, your players, bench spots, scoring, league size, how many teams make the playoffs, etc. The analyzer then “predicts your win/loss record, gives positional grades, rates your chances of making your league’s playoffs, gives recommendations, and much more.”

ProFootballNetwork.com‘s Dynasty Trade Calculator

ProFootballNetwork's dynasty trade calculator's user interface

Cost of Dynasty Trade Calculator

You can access ProFootballNetwork’s calculator for free by clicking here!

Features of Calculator

League Size Options: 8-16 teams

Scoring Options: Full PPR, 0.5 PPR, Standard

Format Options: 1QB, 2QB/Superflex

Startup Mode: No

Package Adjustment: No

Rookie Pick Availability: 2024 (exact selections available for picks 1.01-6.04), 2025 (early/mid/late options for 1st round, general rounds only for rounds 2-5)

  • Player values are averaged from consensus rankings among multiple experts at PFN.
  • Contains customizable importance by position to help weigh certain positions more heavily than others (see below).
  • Shows a simple “yes or no” answer for whether or not you should make the trade.

ProFootballNetwork's dynasty trade calculator's customizable positional value toggle

ProFootballNetwork's dynasty trade calculator's trade result screen

Analysis of Calculator

Like RotoTrade’s dynasty trade calculator, this simple and easy-to-use tool can also double as a redraft trade calculator.

The major strength of PFN’s calculator is a feature we did not discover on any other reviewed calculator: customizable position importance. Not only does this remove the need to have a separate “TE Premium” category, users can easily weigh certain positions based on team strengths/weaknesses, unique scoring settings, league context, etc.

Another bonus of this trade calculator is that it provides exact 2024 rookie selection values for 64 picks – if you have a deep rookie draft that goes beyond 5 rounds, this calculator is a tool you should use.

“I believe what sets our trade calculator apart is the way we curate the rankings using consensus rankings that are updated regularly (daily in season and as required out of season).” remarked Ben Rolfe, Deputy Editor of Fantasy and Sports betting at PFN. “I also believe our interface is clean and one of the most usable out there right now on the market in terms of clarity of use and clarity of results.”