Enhancements & Extra Cash Prize Payouts

You’ve read about our skill-based format, heard from our customers and most importantly our huge payouts. But what if we told you that our payouts sometimes get even better?

What is an “enhancement” to our cash prizes?

An “enhancement” is a payout improvement at no cost to the customer. Apex strives to fill every single draft that is listed – and we will increase (or enhance) the payout in order to ensure that we have enough owners for the draft to proceed. We refuse to let anything get in the way of making your draft happen.

Sometimes we will have a few spots remaining as the draft approaches. And then, shortly before the scheduled draft time, we will offer extra money to first place – without raising the buy-in cost!

If needed, we will even “double” or “triple” enhance a league to ensure it gets filled. The MVP league listed below is triple enhanced – so 1st place will receive a whopping $4,300.

How will I know when a fantasy contest has an enhanced prize?

There are a couple of ways that Apex communicates enhanced drafts. First and foremost, you can automatically be notified of an enhanced league. Simply go to the My Account page of your Apex account and check the box to be notified of enhanced leagues.

In addition, we frequently send out our draft dates with noted enhancements to our email list. If you aren’t on our email list, there is a sign-up option on the right-hand side of every page!

We also advertise our enhanced drafts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so make sure you are following and liking Apex on those social media platforms to get the first crack at enhanced drafts!

To see if we have any enhanced drafts on our site currently, visit our Lobby – the enhancements are listed in the right column of the table!

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