Fair Play Policy

Despite our understanding that money fantasy leagues are meant for stiff competition, we expect owners to exhibit fair play and good sportsmanship.

By joining Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, each owner is agreeing to abide by the following rules:

  1. All league transactions shall be executed to improve the owner’s roster, not to deliberately help another team.
  2. Owners cannot collude and make trades to improve one team’s roster to the detriment of the other team.
  3. Owners shall not threaten or harass other owners in any way.
  4. Owners shall remain competitive and set their lineups each and every week, regardless of their winning percentage.
  5. Owners must set their lineups with the intent to maximize fantasy points.

Any failure to follow the rules listed above may result in one of the following restrictions:

  1. The suspension of specific privileges (for example, trading or message board posting) for the remainder of the season.
  2. The suspension of ALL playing privileges and removal from Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, including the forfeiture of any potential monetary winnings.

It is the responsibility of team owners to monitor what takes place within their leagues. If you believe there is collusion, poor sportsmanship, or a lack of participation within your league, please notify us immediately. Remember, if two owners contact us about any trade we will investigate and – if necessary –  take action against the offending team.

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