Fantasy Football Orphan Dynasty Teams

What is a Fantasy Football Orphan Dynasty Team?

Orphan dynasty teams are simply a fantasy football team in an ongoing dynasty league that has been abandoned by its owner. Once abandoned, the team is labeled as an “orphan” and goes up for sale.

The orphan teams will continue to play in their dynasty leagues and compete for cash prizes!

Why Buy an Orphan Dynasty Team?

Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues host dynasty leagues which include orphan teams.

It’s a cheap and discounted way to enter a year-to-year dynasty league. All of our dynasty leagues require an initial deposit to ensure that all teams remain in the league. By requiring a deposit, Apex limits the number of orphans and keeps leagues intact. In fact, we have never had a dynasty league fold. When purchasing an orphan team, the price of the deposit is already paid for you.

It’s also fun! Many owners embrace the challenge of turning their very own franchise around. Owners will have weapons, like trading, rookie draft picks, and waivers to turn their team around.

There are also some very good, championship-ready orphan dynasty teams that are dropped when owners can no longer continue to make the ongoing commitment to a fantasy league.

Where and When Can I Buy an Orphan Dynasty Team?

You can buy a dynasty orphan here at Apex Fantasy Leagues. There are generally orphan teams available from January until July.

Dynasty teams must renew by June 1st each year so many orphan teams become available around that time. If you’re looking for an orphan team, it’s a good idea to keep checking this page as teams become available.

If you have decided that orphan teams are not for you, we also host start-up dynasty drafts. You can see what leagues are available at the Apex Lobby.

All orphan and start-up drafts fall into the dynasty fantasy football league category. If you are looking for a league that only lasts one-year (a “redraft” league), we also have those. You can see what leagues are currently available at the Apex Lobby.

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