Fantasy Football Survey Results

To find what fantasy football players favored in their leagues, we sent out a fantasy football survey. We had 191 responses and the results are posted below. We broke down the results to examine the segment of fantasy players that are most likely to play on our site.

We send out an end-of-season survey every year to see how we can improve our leagues. Here are our 2019 improvements!

Players who played in at least six fantasy leagues last season, we will refer to as the “Fantasy Addicts.”

As former members, we know a lot about this segment. The Fantasy Addicts segment helps us identify our customer’s preferences.

The average number of fantasy leagues played last season by the average respondent was 6.29. When broken down into a group that includes only owners who are playing in six or more leagues, the average amount of fantasy leagues played became 16.6.

Which League Scoring Do You Prefer?

Based on its popularity, we had an easy time choosing PPR leagues as our only current format. PPR commanded over 37% of all the votes for league scoring with an increase to 50% of the Fantasy Addicts’ votes. Interestingly, the Addicts also consistently preferred PPR with 6 per passing touchdown to standard league scoring. In total, Addicts chose 39 PPR-based scoring formats to just 5 votes for standard scoring. Addicts were almost eight times more likely to choose a PPR-based scoring system.

Do You Like Multiple Divisions?

While multiple divisions are popular amongst the average fantasy football owners, we decided against them. We wanted to avoid good teams not making the playoffs because of the division they were assigned to – yet another example of our “remove reliance on luck” theme. With this method, everyone battles within the same standings.

What Free Agent System Do You Like?

We agree with the majority of fantasy owners that blind bidding is the fairest and most strategic free agent bidding system. In Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, every owner starts with an equal $500 to spend. It’s the owner’s job to budget their money wisely throughout the course of the season.

Do You Like The Two Games A Week Format?

While the typical fantasy owner didn’t prefer two game weeks, we feel that it’s a vital part of our identity. The Fantasy Addicts segment favored two-game weeks that reward the owners who have drafted better, deeper teams. For more on the two games per week format, visit our Skill-Based Format page.

Which Starting Lineup Do You Prefer?

While most players preferred the shallower lineup (1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/Flex/TE/K/DEF), we’re glad that the Fantasy Addicts segment prefers the deeper lineup (1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/Flex/TE/K/DEF). We believe that depth is a big part of fantasy football and it’s a shame when owners can’t use it. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues attempt to provide owners with opportunities to gain advantages with their lineup.

League That Removed Ks and DEFs From Each Team's Starting Lineup?

This question was a throw-in to get an idea of how owners would feel about it. We have now added Dynamic leagues, which do not include kickers or defenses in the starting lineup.

How Should Payouts Be Divided?

The majority heavily favored payout being divided between the top three teams. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues have an industry-leading payout percentage and pay out to the top three teams.

Should Trading Be Allowed?

The firmest yes of all the survey questions was trading, over 96% of fantasy owners agreed that they liked trading. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues allow trading! Unsurprisingly, a Fantasy Addict was much more likely to disapprove of trading.

Do You Like Two Week Playoffs?

Two-week playoffs are an idea that we like the concept of. It includes allowing just four teams to make the playoffs and each game plays over a two-week stretch. Weeks 13-14 are designated to the first round and Weeks 15-16 are the championship. While fantasy owners and addicts agreed they didn’t this format, the fantasy addicts segment vote was much closer than the overall. This could also be a future addition because it goes with our theme of helping the best team win.

Any other ideas or suggestions you might have can be sent to us at

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