There’s a lot to like about Allen Robinson. He looks like the breakout WR in 2015. With his college production, athletic profile, and early NFL career, his near-future looks exceedingly bright.

College Production

Sophomore wide receivers Kelvin Benjamin and Martavis Bryant are both being drafted ahead of Allen Robinson. Let’s see how their college production stacks up:


While both Benjamin and Bryant had better yards per target in their senior seasons, Allen Robinson had more targets in his senior year than either had in their entire college careers.

Robinson was clearly the best player on his passing offense as he saw 46% of the passing yard market share in his senior year, compared to 23% and 19% for Benjamin and Bryant respectively.

Robinson saw 126 targets as a sophomore in college. At the beginning of his junior year, Bryant had only seen 33 targets in his college career. Benjamin saw 87 targets as a sophomore but caught a lower percentage of his teams yards and touchdowns than Robinson.

Robinson’s dominator rating and breakout age made him one of RotoViz’s favorite wide receivers in the 2014 draft. Jon Moore called him a first round talent.

Athletic Profile

Allen Robinson’s athletic profile mirrors one of the league’s best wide receivers, Dez Bryant.

PlayerHtWt40 TimeHaSSBurstSAgilitySCatchRBA
Allen Robinson6'2"2204.55104.1129.81110.2319
Dez Bryant6'2"2204.57102.3131.111.5610.0618.8

Key: HaSS = Height Adjusted Speed Score, Burst S = Burst Score, Agility S = Agility Score, Catch R = Catch Radius, BA = Breakout Age. Information from

Dez has better leaping ability and broke out at a younger age but both share impressive measurables.

Early NFL Career

Since 1990, only seven rookie wide receivers have averaged at least 54 receiving yards per game as a 21 year old.

1Randy Moss199821MIN16111246913131782.1
2Mike Evans201421TAM15151226810511270.1
3Keenan Allen201321SDG1514105711046869.7
4Sammy Watkins201421BUF161612865982661.4
5Hakeem Nicks200921NYG1467447790656.4
6Brandin Cooks201421NOR1076953550355
7Allen Robinson201421JAX1088148548254.8

This isn’t a bad list to be a part of. Robinson is extremely young, which is a good thing as no wide receiver has hit peak numbers before the age of 22.

Now 22, RotoViz’s Similarity Scores app loves the outlook for Allen Robinson this season:


News From Camp

It was reported by Mike DiRocco that Robinson had numerous “wow” catches and was the most impressive offensive player on the field at OTAs. Blake Bortles called him “unbelievable” in OTAs.

To see some of his nice plays for yourself, watch this and this.


With remarkable college production, an impressive athletic profile, and a promising early NFL career, the future looks really bright for Allen Robinson. It doesn’t hurt that he’s already dominating in camp.

Currently being selected as WR29 in early MFL10s, Robinson could represent a massive value in fantasy leagues this year.