(Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

Don’t want to click through every team’s roster and picks in our Orphan Marketplace? We have created the 2024 Apex Orphan Guide, a Google Sheets document (link below) that details all of the current orphans including their league type, discount (if applicable), deposit remaining, exact 2024 Rookie/Free Agent draft picks, and notable players*! This will hopefully help you more easily find orphans you are potentially interested in compared to clicking through each team in the Orphan Marketplace.

A few helpful hints on using the document:
  • You can search for specific picks (e.g.: 1.01 or 2.03) or notable players* (e.g.: Justin Jefferson, Jahmyr Gibbs) by using the “Find” function (Ctrl + F on Windows/PC, Command + F on Mac)
  • You can sort by Deposit, League Name, League Type, Picks, or Price Reduction by going to the “Data” Menu, clicking “Change View” and selecting your preferred option – the default sorting is by league name, as appears in the Orphan Marketplace (where you can buy orphans that interest you)

Click Here To Access The 2024 Apex Orphan Guide

This sheet will be updated every 24-48 hours (at least) to reflect any additions to the orphan pool, sales of orphan teams, and any discounts – if you see a team on the Orphan Guide that is not in the lobby, it means it has already been sold.

* “Notable Players” is a subjective term, and there may be players that you are interested in that are not listed on the Google Sheet. We highly encourage you to view a team’s full roster in the Orphan Marketplace if you are potentially interested.