Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire

(Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

We hope the offseason has treated you well! As we transition into the 2024 season, a few notes for dynasty leagues that owners should be aware of:

1. We’ve transferred all existing dynasty leagues over to the 2024 MyFantasyLeague website! Trading is open for all renewed teams, and 2024 Rookie/Free Agent draft picks have been loaded. Remember: the draft orders are determined by reverse order of potential points as shown on the Apex lobby for all nine teams that did not finish in the money (the exception for this is best ball dynasty leagues, whose draft orders are simply determined by reverse order of the previous year’s standings).

You should be able to access the leagues through your MyFantasyLeague account, you can also click the “My Leagues” button on the Apex Lobby. If you save your leagues as a “favorite” or a “bookmark” on your browser, you will need to update the favorite/bookmark to reflect the new league URL.

If you use a third-party app (such as MFL Platinum), you may need to update or delete/reinstall the app to access your league(s).

2. As a reminder: if you set your team to auto-renew last season, your Apex account was charged in January. If there weren’t sufficient funds in your account, simply correct your negative balance to renew your team. If your team has the requisite draft capital and you’d like to reverse the auto-renewal, please let us know. Per our rules, the requisite draft capital must have been on your team going into this season – you cannot trade for it now and reverse your renewal.

If you want to renew your teams but didn’t have auto-renew enabled going into 2024, simply go to the “Keepers” button in the Apex Lobby and click “Renew Teams” – you can renew or orphan your teams on that page.

If your negative balance in your Apex account is not resolved by May 1st, your team(s) will be sold as an orphan.

3. Remember, we now correct all IR violations and activate the players during the transition to the next league year – this has already been done for 2024 leagues. This means you may be over the roster limit. If you want to engage in trading, you will have to be at or below the roster limit (or the transaction you are making must result in you being at or below the limit). You can drop players by going to the “Transactions” header on MyFantasyLeague and clicking “Add/Drops”.

Remember, there is no free agency until after the Rookie/Free Agent draft – but you can still drop players to get back to the roster limit to trade.

We highly recommend all owners brush up on the Dynasty Rules.

4. To enable auto-renew and gain access to 2025 pick trading, go to the Apex Lobby, find the “Keepers” tab on the right, and click “Trading Rights” on the drop-down menu. You can select which team(s) you’d like to request future pick trading rights for on that page.

5. There are many excellent orphan teams available! We have entered the draft picks so you can see the teams, and their picks, and purchase them in the Orphan Marketplace. These are some of the best orphans that will be available this year – every orphan has significant draft capital. If you are looking for a new dynasty team, we highly recommend shopping the orphans as purchasing one is half the price of participating in a new startup!

6. If you are looking for a new dynasty league, there are start-up drafts and auctions available in the Apex Lobby! If you are interested in a certain kind of league that is not listed, let us know and we will likely be able to add it for you. Remember, before the NFL Draft, leagues use rookie placeholders. For more information on this, go to our Dynasty Rules page and scroll down to “Additional Information”.


The Apex Team