Fantasy football season is coming fast! Check out Apex’s 2015 improvements:

Hello fellow fantasy football fanatics! Here at Apex, we are never satisfied with last year’s standards. Here are some of our improvements we have made for the upcoming 2015 fantasy football season to further enhance your Apex experience:

Improved League Rules

We sent out a survey to fantasy owners to see how we can improve our leagues. Most owners agreed that we can improve our leagues by adding Special Teams TDs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.03.43 PM

Auction Leagues

In an effort to cater to even more customers, we have added auction leagues! While the drafts will be hosted on, the leagues will still be played on MyFantasyLeague. We offer both the excitement of Live Auction drafts and the suspense of Slow (Email) Auction drafts.

Increased Payouts

To continuously strive for the best payouts online, we have increased our payouts. More money in the pockets of the winners!

MVP ($494.95) and Hall of Fame ($999.95) Leagues

Apex now offers leagues at higher price points to cater to the growing high-stakes fantasy community! Be sure not to miss our ultra-competitive leagues at our new price points.

Phenoms Customer Discount

In an effort to restore trust in any burned Phenoms customers, Apex now offers a discount to any player who can provide a valid 2014 Proof of Purchase to any Phenoms league. You can be sure that what went wrong with Phenoms will never take place on Apex!