Photo by Keith Allison

(Photo by Keith Allison)

Here at Apex, we’ve always prided ourselves on adapting our product to our customers’ preferences and continuously improving our leagues. We appreciate all of your feedback which helps improve our leagues!

Here are our rule changes for the upcoming 2017 season:

  • You can now add/drop players until their game starts. All players used to lock at 1 pm ET, but now you make free agent transactions right up until kickoff of the involved players’ games.
  • Trades are automatically processed instead of having to have a commissioner push them through. This means teams can make unbalanced trades, as long as neither teams’ roster exceeds the player limit. However, the veto rules remain the same: trades will be automatically reviewed once two or more owners contact Apex and veto the trade.
  • If a team scores a defensive touchdown, those 6 points will NOT count against the opposing team’s D/ST “points allowed”. Total points against your defense will only include points scored by the opposing offense or special teams.

If you have any additional suggestions for our leagues, simply email us at