Photo by JC Ruiz

(Photo by JC Ruiz)

The dynasty league industry is growing and changing, and we here at Apex are always striving to improve our customers’ enjoyment and experience.

Among other reasons, future-year deposits in dynasty leagues are important to help instill a commitment in an owner to not abandon a dynasty team. But ongoing commitment and loyalty should be rewarded, and that is why we are announcing our new dynasty deposit policy: Any original owner that has managed their dynasty team for five consecutive seasons will receive 50% of their deposit back into their Apex account at the conclusion of the fifth season.

The rest will be held to pay for the cost of orphans and refunded to the current owner if the league folds. Remember: Apex never pockets any dynasty league deposits – they are held to ensure the continuation of the league.

We are confident that this policy will not only continue to instill the commitment and loyalty shown by our dynasty owners to their teams but also reward such behavior.