We’re always attempting to improve our dynasty leagues and have found what we expect to be a big improvement going forward.

In the past, Apex has used a draft lottery in order to determine picks for rookie drafts. Why use the draft lottery? The purpose was, of course, to prevent tanking. All owners who didn’t make the playoffs received the same odds of receiving the first overall selection.

While this accomplished the goal of preventing tanking, it had a negative externality: poor dynasty teams became orphans after not receiving a top pick. We have found a way to improve this issue.

Going forward, Apex dynasty leagues will use potential points to determine the rookie draft position. By using potential points, benching players to lower your team on the standings (better known as tanking) does not improve your odds of having a higher rookie pick. The rookie draft order will more accurately reflect the best teams – ranked from fewest to most potential points among non-playoff teams.

Potential points can be found on each MyFantasyLeague homepage under Power Rankings. The “PP” column refers to potential points.

We are constantly striving to improve our leagues and we believe this is a big improvement for Apex going forward.