At Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, we remain dedicated to improving our leagues each and every year. To adjust to our owners preferences, see how we improved our leagues this offseason.


Last season we had our trade deadline at the beginning of Week 7. After having an overwhelming vote to extend it, we have decided to push our trade deadline back to the beginning of Week 10.

Trades must now be balanced. Unfortunately due to the increasing amount of leagues, we can no longer manually push through uneven trades. For example, trades must be 1 for 1 or 2 for 2 and so on.

Email Leagues:

For those who don’t have the time to commit to a Live Draft, we have added Email Leagues this season. Instead of being forced to find three hours of free time in your busy schedule, Email Drafts often take place over several days. Owners are only forced to make picks every eight hours.

Other Suggestions?

If you have any advice or feedback to improve Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues, please contact us.