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Rule Improvements for 2018

Mike Braude | June 11, 2018

Photo by All-Pro Reels

(Photo by All-Pro Reels)

At Apex, we are dedicated to consistently improving our leagues. To find out how we can achieve that, we listen to you. Not only do we read and respond to all emails, but we send out an end-of-season survey each year to see what the majority favors.

Here are our rule changes for the upcoming 2018 season:

  • Field goals now include fractional points. Field goals between 40-49 yards are no longer created equal. For instance, a 44-yard field goal is now worth 4.4 fantasy points.
  • Trading is now allowed during Dynasty drafts. Dynasty leagues are intended to replicate the role of a real-life NFL General Manager. NFL teams are constantly trading during drafts, we believe that our owners should be able to do the same.

You can see our Rule Changes for 2017 here.

If you have any additional suggestions for our leagues, simply email us at apexfantasyfootballleagues@gmail.com.

Jun. 11, 2018
Mike Braude
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