NFL Playoff Fantasy Leagues

What is an NFL Playoff Fantasy League?

NFL Playoff Fantasy Leagues are fantasy football leagues that take place during the NFL playoffs. At Apex, we host NFL Playoff Fantasy Leagues! Our leagues include six teams competing to see who can score more points during the NFL playoffs. Each player is active until their NFL team is eliminated from the playoffs. The owner who can select the best NFL playoff fantasy team is awarded the biggest cash prize.

Playoff Leagues operate exactly the same as season-long leagues, except for the following changes:

  • There are 6 teams per league.
  • You will be drafting a 14 player roster from the rosters of NFL playoff teams.
  • Your roster must contain the following: 2 QB’s, 2 RB’s, 4 WR’s, 2 TE’s, 2 K’s, and 2 Defenses.
  • This is a total points league, you will not set any weekly lineups, your 14 players will accumulate points based on the Apex scoring system throughout the NFL Playoffs.
  • There is no trading and no waivers.
  • The team who finishes with the most points after the conclusion of the playoffs wins. The team with the second-highest point total wins the 2nd place prize.
  • 14 Round Draft – in live drafts, the timer is set at 1 minute and 15 seconds per pick.
  • For email drafts, there is an 8-hour timer that will be reduced further, if necessary.

If the regular season’s end is delayed for any reason, all playoff league drafts will be delayed an equal number of days or weeks. Should playoff games be delayed, each contest will run until the Super Bowl is finally played. If the NFL season concludes without a Super Bowl, all playoff contests will be canceled and entry fees will be refunded in full.

Here is a full description of our Live and Email Draft Rules.

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Prizes for Apex NFL Playoff Fantasy Leagues

The prizes for Apex’s NFL Playoff fantasy leagues are listed below.

Amateur Playoff League Prizes


Rookie Playoff League Prizes


Veteran Playoff League Prizes


Superstar Playoff League Prizes

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