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Since we at Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues care first and foremost about our customers and their preferences, take a look at what the Rotoworld Editor said about his experience on Apex:

“Apex leagues address one of the key areas of fantasy football (un)fairness – putting together rosters that score plenty of points yet wind up with 8-7 or 9-6 records. How many seasons have you had the ‘best team’ in scoring overall and wound up with a poor seed or out of the second season due to your weekly H2H opponent going off and having their season’s best week against your team (rinse and repeat)?

The solution can be found in Apex leagues, where you play a random opponent in one match-up and the average in another. Do better than half the league and you’re 1-0, beat your league-mate and that’s a 2-0 week. If their guys have career days and you have a good week, you’re 1-1 and find yourself where you’d expect in the standings.

If you think that your skills should result in a run in the playoffs every year, this is the type of season-long league to play in with the least amount of luck (Note: The ball is oblong, so not all luck is eliminated, YMMV).

Some other highlights of Apex leagues include:

  • The FAAB blind bidding process allows one day after standard league waivers, taking some of the rush – and allowing for deeper analysis and understanding of player statuses. No need to rush and another day of mid-week practice reports are an excellent idea.
  • The use of MyFantasyLeague for site management is excellent.
  • Support – Email (and even Twitter DM) contact is standard; have a question or think someone is tanking or trying to dump players into the league. Send a note, hear back in a day from a team trying to solve the problem for you. Sort of the anti-“Customer Support” one may be used to elsewhere in life. Excellent league management.
  • Quality of opponents – The majority of the league I was in seemed to take it quite seriously and that’s all you can ask at the end of the day – besides the final best Apex bit:
  • Payouts – As read on the site, the payouts are excellent.

How long until the next draft?

Aaron Solomon, Rotoworld
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