The Apex Mission

We are here to help you win!

Here at Apex Fantasy Leagues, we will not let you settle for the simple business/customer relationship that nearly every other online fantasy provider offers you. We want to be a helpful and integral part of your everyday fantasy football needs, even if you choose not to participate in an Apex league. We do this through our original content blog: the Apex Insider. The Apex Insider features deeply analytical statistic-based fantasy football articles written by proven fantasy experts, available for free! What is the “peak age” for wide receivers? Running backs? Do running backs experience a “sophomore slump?” Should I play in a league with kickers in the starting lineup? Every week, we answer a multitude of these burning questions. Don’t bother grabbing your credit card or thinking of a username and password- all you have to do is come visit the Apex Insider blog at your convenience and read away. Here at Apex, we don’t want just to help you if you’re a customer- we want to help you because you’re a devoted fantasy fanatic, just like us.

How is Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues making fantasy fair?

Apex founders Mike Braude and Asher Molk are what we call “fantasy fanatics,” with over two decades of combined fantasy football experience. Through their endeavors, Mike and Asher have gained an understanding and strategy for how fantasy football ought to be played. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues makes leagues fair by forcing owners to play two games per week – one against a random opponent and one against the average. This format forces the standings to more accurately depict how good teams are. For more on two game weeks, visit our Skill-Based Format page. Our league format also goes far beyond our own opinions; we have surveyed many fantasy owners to develop the most equitable and desirable means of play in the world of fantasy football. Please check out our Survey Results page for more information.

Fantasy football is meant to be fun!

Fantasy football is a source of entertainment for millions of people around the world! Here at Apex we hope to be a means for the competitive fantasy owners to partake in fantasy football money leagues that are enjoyable for all. In order to do this, we have drafted a Fair Play Policy to remind our users that not only is Apex the best at providing a skill-based fantasy platform but we also expect our users to exhibit sportsmanship in the process. Lastly, what’s more fun than getting rewarded for your fantasy success? Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues boasts some of the highest payouts in the industry to reward those who finish in the top three of their league(s). If you need more convincing, visit our Competitor Comparison page.

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