As the NFL has shifted to a pass-heavier league, late round quarterback drafting has become more popular. With quality options like Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, and Carson Palmer available after the first 15 quarterbacks have been selected, it’s easy to wait.

Here are three quarterbacks I’m avoiding at their MFL10 current average draft positions.

Russell Wilson QB3

While we all know Wilson is a dynamic talent, his average draft position is getting a little out of control. In 2013, Wilson finished as QB8 before rushing his way to QB3 in 2014.

Wilson scored 120.9 fantasy points just through rushing production. Since the merger only seven quarterbacks have scored more fantasy points from rushing production. It’s production that is likely unsustainable.

The Seahawks offense will be more efficient with Jimmy Graham on the team but I’m not willing to pay up for Wilson at his inflated price.

Tom Brady QB11

I am a fan of Tom Brady but his average draft position is simply too high. Brady finished as QB12 last season in fantasy points per game and is currently being drafted as QB11 with a potential four game suspension looming.

While he could perform as a top ten quarterback when healthy, he’s simply not a good investment. A 9th round selection is simply too expensive for a quarterback that could miss four games. You can take Eli Manning, six picks later on average, and he outscored Brady over the second half of 2014.

Teddy Bridgewater QB15

Finishing as QB27 in fantasy points per game in 2014, Teddy Bridgewater is currently being drafted as QB15. While his solid end to the season was encouraging, there are reasons for concern.

The Vikings look poised to be more run-heavy this season with Adrian Peterson’s return. This will make the offense more efficient but Teddy needs to improve a lot to provide value at his price.

I’d prefer to draft Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Marcus Mariota, or Alex Smith. Each is significantly cheaper and therefore carries less risk.