Fantasy Football Money Leagues

Apex provides many types of fantasy football money leagues! We host both redraft (one-year) leagues and dynasty leagues with various ways for you to draft your team. If you’re not sure which league is for you, here’s a summary of each of our leagues:

Live Draft Money Leagues

Our most popular money league type is the Live Draft variety. This is for the owners who want to sit down and draft their whole team. Drafts are serpentine and typically take about two hours to complete; each owner has 90 seconds to make their selection.

Here’s the good news: if we need a significant amount of owners an hour or two before the scheduled start time for the draft, we will “enhance” the league! An “enhancement” is quite literally a payout improvement at no cost to you. We enhance leagues for two reasons: to make sure that all our leagues fill and to give our players the best payouts in fantasy sports.

The best way to be notified of enhancements is to join our email list: there is a sign-up option at the top of the right side of every page (or the bottom of the page on mobile). Not only does the winner receive extra money, but it’s extremely rare that Apex is unable to fill a league – especially when it is enhanced.

Email Draft Money Leagues

Another league type that we offer is Email Drafts. This is for the owners who prefer to draft over the course of multiple days. Email drafts are the same format as Live Draft money leagues – they simply differ in the duration of time to select a player. With eight hours on the clock to make each selection; email drafts typically take about five days to complete.

Since we do not want drafts running into the NFL season, we typically stop hosting Email drafts a week before kickoff. See what’s currently available!

Dynasty Money Leagues

Dynasty money leagues are a chance for fantasy football owners to manage their own franchises in a format where owners will retain most or all of their players from year to year. Dynasty Leagues provide owners with the real experience of managing a team – rather than for just one short season. Just like the NFL, great selections can help owners build dominant juggernauts for years to come.

While many of our leagues are for just one season, Dynasty leagues require a commitment to an ongoing year-to-year league. Our dynasty leagues are typically email drafts and allow trading during the draft.

Best Ball Dynasty Money Leagues

Our newest innovation! Best Ball Dynasty money leagues are perfect for owners who love drafting and off-season management but don’t want to deal with in-season maintenance. Lineups are automatically set each week with your highest scoring players, and there is zero trading or free agency during the course of the season. Similar to our Playoff leagues, these are total points leagues.

Auction Draft Money Leagues

Different from serpentine drafts, these leagues allocate players via auction. Each team starts with a fictitious $200 to bid on players. Auction leagues are special because each owner has a chance at every player. If you want a player on your team, simply outbid the competition! It’s an exhilarating experience that every fantasy owner should try at least once.

We offer both the classic live auction format that is finished in about three hours and an eBay-style email auction format that takes place over multiple days! We also offer dynasty start-up drafts in the Auction format!

Playoff Fantasy Football Money Leagues

Only available during the NFL Playoffs, Playoff Leagues function like regular fantasy leagues with a few changes: there are six teams, each team drafts the same positions (2 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K, 2 DEF), players accumulate fantasy points for as long as they are in the playoffs!

Various Starting Lineups

Here at Apex, we offer not only different methods of drafting but multiple starting lineup types for nearly all types of fantasy football leagues! All league types (besides Best Ball) are offered for both redraft and dynasty formats.

Original Leagues

Our most popular league-type, this is the classic 1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE)/1 K/1 DEF starting lineup that is beloved by fantasy owners.

Superflex Leagues

Superflex leagues raise the importance of QBs by allowing one to start in one of your flex positions! This is becoming a standard league type across the industry.

Deep Leagues

Deep leagues are perfect for owners who want an extra flex spot to take advantage of their drafting abilities, but only want to start 1 QB.

Dynamic & Dynamic Superflex Leagues

One of our newest league types, Dynamic leagues start zero kickers and defenses but have an extra flex spot (similar to our Deep league-type).

We also offer Dynamic Superflex leagues which start two extra flexes (for a total of 3), but owners can start a QB at one of the flex positions.

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